Saturday, 28 January 2012

Top Ten - Blink 182 Typeface?

As much as I would love to design my own font for this brief, I know full well it will take me too long and I will have to then compromise what I am actually supposed to be doing, so I have decided to look on DaFont to find relevant typefaces similar to what I am looking for.

The main genre that Blink 182 are describes as is Punk, so I want a typeface that's bold, and a little destroyed, but not too much so that it doesn't look too decorative. I will look in the destroyed section on the website to see what there is.

Above are the ones that caught my eye whilst I was looking, I have now selected a few of these that I could possibly actually use.

I have chosen these 4 because although they are 'damaged', they still have quite a neat form about them which is something I will probably require in order to get the sequenced that I produce to run smoothly and fit together. I will download all 4, and type a few things out using them to see which one works the best out of them.

28 Days Later

I do actually really like this typeface. The biggest problem though is the fact that there isn't any punctuation marks in it. When ever I typed one it just automatically changed to the default Illustrator typeface which is a bit annoying. I would have to either find a typeface that would work along with this to use to have the punctuation marks (because I definitely need them as I explained in the kinetic type videos I collected) or I simply just can't use this typeface.

Very Damaged

I think the white space within the letterforms on this typeface may be a little too much. I do like it but I don't want to make the sequences look tacky so this will stick as a maybe for now - see how the others turn out. The punctuation marks work on this one though which is a bonus.

Base 02

This typeface works really well on the name and the Top Ten title, but once I applied it to the longer copy examples it starts to look a bit too much and looking at it from a distance just doesn't really look good at all. If I was to only use a little text at a time then it could possibly work, but definitely not if I choose to have a full sentence or two on screen.

Living Hell

This typeface surprised me to be honest as I didn't think it was going to work really well, but the actual properly damaged letterforms are just really the uppercase letters so it doesn't over glorify it once it is applied to a longer body of text. The 'lowercase' letters, even though they are still uppercase just a fraction smaller have very little effect added to them so it still ties in with the uppercase letters, but doesn't over power the text too much. I really like this one and I think this will be the one that I choose to use in my sequences.

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