Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Window Art, Liverpool

Whilst I was looking for an example I have seen a couple of times when I have been driving to Liverpool to go to the Tate gallery there, I usually drive down a street just as we are going into the center where there is some really old buildings with contemporary art in all the windows all down the street to brighten them up. BUT I cannot find a website, and don't have any of my own examples to put on. I'm guessing though if who ever is reading this has been to the Liverpool Tate gallery (by car) they will have seen what I am on about. But yeah, as I was looking I came across this 'Drawings for Bold Street Windows'.

The drawings are done by the artist Nina Edge, who is based at FACT, and they are done in relation to a festival they have going on. Judging from the example image I got from the website it looks as though what is draw is a general activity of what is/could be going on on the inside of the building. They are very colourful and have an interesting illustrative style that keeps them light hearted and nice to look at.

Art Walk, Wakefield

Wakefield Art Walk is an event held several times over the year, where certain shops and spaces hold little exhibitions in them all over town consisting of local artists work. You download the map from the website, and then follow it to find the places taking part. I went and did one at the end of last year and found the whole process of it rather exciting, as well as seeing some pretty awesome work. I think a similar thing like this would work quite well in Leeds, and rather than using places that are running to hold the exhibitions, just do up the shops that are no longer used so that they are clean and can be opened for the event.

The first Art Walk event was held on the 18th June 2008, and has been on the last wednesday of every other month since this.

Here is the map for the event that I got from the website.

Here's some photos that I took of the Art Walk the time that I went to it. The photo's are more of the streets we walked on rather than the places because I was intending to use them in a college project but decided not to in the end, but they are still good at giving an idea of what it is like there (very cold, and lots of walking).

Emergence, Barnsley

Emergence is quite an interesting installment that they have going on in Barnsley town center. Basically they have taken a variety of unused shops in different locations all across towns and done them up and turned them into small exhibition spaces. They are available for emerging artists nationwide that want to exhibit some of their work. I really like the whole idea that they have going on, I just personally think they could have tried it in a better place than Barnsley, because not as many people are really into art there as probably other places are.

Here is some things I have found about the installments.

Monday, 6 December 2010

RePrint.Me - Atelier 1A and Modus Operandi

This is a pretty sick website that was posted on the It's Nice That blog, where you can go on and download/print either a weekly or monthly calendar on to your old misprints to save wasting them.