Saturday, 28 January 2012

Top Ten - Blink 182 Colour Pallet?

Considering the colour pallet that I will use for my sequences, when ever I think of Blink 182 I automatically think of this album cover:

So I thought I could go on to use these 4 colours as my colour pallet.

I am quite liking the idea of having the type either black or white then the background of the videos to be one of the colours. I think it could look quite good to get a similar texture to the background similar to the ones in the colours on the album cover. The only flaw really with this colour pallet is that all of the songs in the top ten aren't from this album. I think for the newer fans of Blink this would probably go unnoticed, but I expect the audience of this programme to be bother new and old fans and the older fans will probably point it out straight away. These are the colours that are probably most associated with the band though these days due to the success of this album.

A way that I could possibly get around this could be to have a colour pallet for each album that they have released, and use that for the songs of them albums. For example, the album above is the Self Titled album, and the songs in the top ten from this album are:
  • I Miss You
  • Always
  • Feeling This
The tracks from Take Off Your Pants And Jackets album are:
  • First Date
  • Rock Show
  • Stay Together For The Kids
The tracks from Dude Ranch album are:
  • Dammit
The tracks from Enema of the State album are:
  • All The Small Things
  • What's my Age Again?
  • Adam's Song

So the possible colour pallets for the other 3 albums along side the Self Titled album could be:

Enema of the State

Dude Ranch

Take Off Your Pants And Jackets

Whilst this would probably be the most suitable to do in order to keep the tracks looking like they are from the right album, it could cause a little confusion at some point if not to me but to someone I try to explain my idea to. One thing I could do would be to only use songs that appear on one album from the top ten, that was I will only need to stick to one colour pallet, or I could just use one that could be used for them all. 

They released a greatest hits album just before they broke up, I could look at the colour pallet I would get from this.

This would just be a simple black and grey colour pallet.

Whilst I think this could possibly work, I don't know if it will leave the sequences looking a little too plain? Although it will probably be tonnes easier to work with just a 2 coloured colour pallet. I do like the idea of the textures though as I mentioned with the first colour pallet. Maybe I could look at having either a textured grey or black background similar to the other textures and then the opposite colour could be used for the colour of the typeface.

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