Saturday, 28 January 2012

Top Ten - Blink 182 TV Channel Ident?

I need to decide a TV channel that will air the programme that I am producing the sequences for. So because it is about music, it will need to be a music channel. The ones I can think of that would be suitable are:

  • MTV
  • MTV Rock
  • 4 Music
  • Kerrang
  • Lava
  • Scuzz
Although I do think MTV would be appropriate with it being an American channel, and Blink 182 are American, the channel plays a lot more actual TV shows than music lately so I have decided to avoid this. I am a bit torn between 4 Music and Kerrang - although I do think Kerrang has a lot more of a suited audience than what 4 Music will have so I will go ahead and use Kerrang as the TV channel that the sequences will be produced for.

I will now have a look at a variety of TV idents that they have produced to get an idea of what they use and could maybe influence what I will do.

This has a variety of idents using similar aspects but each one still individual. I really like how they just have the Kerrang logo appear/zoom into the screen at the end of the sequence. I think this will be the way that I tie it in within my sequences.

The ones in this one use a lot more photographs and video recorded imagery, and the way that they get the Kerrang logo into them is by having a guy in a yellow suit dance as the black logo appears on the screen and shakes. This would be a lot harder for me to reproduce and use for my idents.

There isn't really any other proper examples I can find for Kerrang so I have decided to watch a few for other music channels as well to see if there's anything from then I could maybe interpret into mine.

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