Monday, 7 November 2011

Charity: Water

"charity: water is a non-profit organization bringing clean and safe drinking water to people in developing nations. 100% of public donations directly fund water projects."

Looking at the designs that these use for their campaigns, it's very bold and straight to the point, presenting facts and figures in your face basically. They haven't gone for the whole guilt trip vibe with photos of kids in Africa that are dying, which I like and is something that I also want to avoid within my project as I have stated from the start that this isn't a charity it's a movement.

It's just simple, straight to the point imagery that they have used. Clicking around the website, here's what I found.



Looking through this websites blog, I came across a project very similar to my project where the guy has designed t shirts, and all money that is made from it (after paying fees such as the website hosting, etc) is donated to this cause. When I clicked on the link to the website it says that the cause is now closed, but he managed to raise $2500 to go towards it which is rather impressive as in the blog posts he explains how he set it up whilst at college.

Here's the stats from his cause that he set up:

And here's some of this images that accompanied the blog post:

I particularly like the info graphics that has been used to explain how it all works and where the money goes to, this may be something that I look into doing.

Shawn's Birthday
Looking through the blog, I came across this post of this guy who's made a custom tshirt, raising awareness that for his 27th Birthday he has decided that instead of getting gifts and money, he is asking people to donate to this charity to help raise money. I think this whole thing is pretty amazing, and it's so nice of Shawn to do such a selfless act. This has really got me thinking about like other sorts of ways that people can get involved with something along side the usual ways that are available - I never would have thought to do anything like this.

Here's a picture of the guy that is doing this:

On the website, he has written a few paragraphs explaining his reasoning for doing this:

He has already met his first target of $500 and has raised it to $1000, and he is already at just over $750 with another 24 days to go.

Another great aspect to this website I've found is that not only does it give people the opportunity to do their own thing with helping to raise money, but also it shows exactly what the money each person is raising will go towards once the project has finished.

The website for this charity is, and the links to the blog can be found on there. This is a really great website and has made me feel really inspired to actually do more good. Whilst my project is a hypothetical business idea, it has made me want it to be more real. Whilst with the time I have left it would be somewhat impossible, I will still ensure that I do it to a standard where it could be taken straight from this project and put out into the real world.

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