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WIDFP? - Stock

Stock is a term used in the printing industry and refers to the material that is to be printed on, for example, paper, card, vinyl etc. (link)

Paper type considerations
You have to know what makes a high-quality paper stock. This often depends on the piece itself - 100-pound gloss text is great for brochures, while 24-pound synergy bond is best for letterhead. Still, there are some conventions you should follow:

  • The more prestigious the piece, the thicker the paper. This doesn't mean your folded brochures should be like cardboard, but adding thickness to your paper can lend credibility and esteem.
  • White paper is best for most applications, since color can be printed.
  • Postcards are best printed on 13-point and 14-point paper, brochures on 70-pound to 100-pound cover or text stock. For everything else, get recommendations from PsPrint's instant printing price quote widget.
  • Paper stocks with a gloss finish are well suited for grabbing attention with a flashy delivery, since the gloss helps colorful designs pop off the page.
  • Matte stocks are a good choice for a more subtle appeal, perhaps suggesting exclusivity.
  • Special coatings such as aqueous and UV further enhance printed promotions by adding a layer of brilliance and protection.
  • If you're a green company, look for eco-friendly 100 percent recycled matte paper stocks. This can also be very important to your customers

It's a good idea to know what kind of paper you'll be printing on before you design your projects, so you can tailor your design to match the paper and finish. Sleek, smooth paper might benefit a sleek design; while a soft matte might be great for a subdued theme. Ask your printer for free paper stock samples before you settle on one so you can literally get a feel for what it's like in your hands. Great paper stocks feel strong and stable, vicariously lending these same attributes to your products and services.

Choosing the best paper type for your promotions takes some consideration, but it doesn't take long to acquire the knack. Do the legwork now, so when you send your next promotion out the door you can be proud of your work and confident knowing you've given your direct-marketing materials the attention they need to sell for you. (link)

Coated Stock
As the name suggests, coated stock has a coating and this is usually of china clay, this gives the paper/card a smooth surface which can be gloss or silk in finish (gloss being shiny and silk offering more of a matt finish). Coated stock is used for projects that require a high quality finish such as presentation folders, leaflets, flyers and brochures, the list goes on!

Coated stock does have its downsides, it cannot be printed on with a home printer and neither gloss or silk coated stock offer a perfect writing surface, with biro’s tending to smudge on both (especially gloss).

Uncoated stock is typically used for letterheads and compliment slips as they can be printed on at home and written on without problems. A single side coated stock is also available and ideal for postcards and greetings cards, as the name suggests single side coated stock has a coating to one side only, this leaves the other side uncoated and perfect to write on. (link)

Marketing Tools
Rollup Banners, PVC Boards, Displays, People Stopper, Advertising Signs, Large Format Printing, Pvc Banners, Flags, Textile Posters, Pop up Stands, Promotion Counters, Stand-up Displays, Plastic Sheets, Lightboxes (link)

Leaflet Holder, Business cards holders, Poster displays, Snap Frames (link)

Signage is any kind of visual graphics created to display information to a particular audience. This is typically manifested in the form of wayfinding information in places such as streets or inside/outside of buildings. (link)

Large Format Print
Large format printing

For large-format printed products not only the sheer size is crucial. In our so-called LFP department (large format printing) we produce using (among others) modern HP® printers. By using environmentally-friendly latex paints our rollup banners, textile posters, plots or large-sized PVC tarps are completely odorless. Especially when used indoors (e.g. at exhibitions or open house events) the latex inks' odorless properties are a real advantage. On different materials such as PVC, backlit or polyester film, polyester fabric or paper, we achieve an absolutely brilliant print.

Our large format product range is extended by advertisment signs made out of soft- or rigid foam board, aluminum DIBOND® or PLEXIGLAS® (link)

List of Stocks
80# Gloss Text
Standard glossy paper stock, about as thick as a light magazine cover. The shiny finish provides an excellent opaque base for rich process color printing. This is our most popular stock for Brochure printing, Catalog Inserts, Flyers, Posters, etc.

100# Gloss Text
Similar to the 80# gloss text, but 25% thicker and heavier, for a more substantial feeling piece. Standard Uses: Brochures, Information Sheets, Self-mailers, Posters, Door Hangers, etc.

80# Dull/matte text
This stock is finely coated with a non-gloss finish. It provides an excellent opaque base for easy to read, crisp typography. Standard Uses: Brochures, Newsletters, Catalog Inserts, and Flyers, etc.

100# Dull/Matte Text
Thicker and heavier than our 80# Dull/Matte text for a more substantial feeling piece. Provides a non-glossy, opaque base for detailed, crisp printing.

80# Dull/Matte Cover
Our dull/matte cover is a thick 9 pt cover stock with a smooth, non-shiny coating. It is well suited for detailed, crisp printing without sacrificing the ability to easily write on the paper. Often selected with the 80# dull/matte text option for inside your catalog or calendar piece.

80# Gloss Cover
As a "cover" stock, this paper is stiff, about like a postcard or baseball card. This stock is coated with a glossy finish, making photographs and other images look beautiful. Standard uses: durable, heavy-weight Brochures, Catalog Covers, Product Spec Sheets.

100# Uncoated Cover
An option for business cards, rack cards and bookmarks. This bright white smooth #1 grade cover stock is 14 pt in thickness and matches the 70# text-weight stock we use for letterhead and envelopes.

120# Gloss Cover
We offer this high-quality, thick 14 pt stock on all of our card products. The glossy, coated finish makes photographs and other images look beautiful. We include aqueous coating to your four color sides for added protection and shine.

120# Gloss Cover PC55 (Recycled)
Same features as our 120# Gloss Cover with 55% post-consumer recycled content.

120# Dull/Matte Cover
Our dull/matte cover is a thick 14 pt cover stock with a smooth, non-shiny coating. It is well suited for detailed, crisp printing without sacrificing the ability to easily write on the paper. An excellent choice for Business Cards, Postcards, Note Cards and Greeting Cards.

120# Dull/Matte Cover PC55 (Recycled)
Same features as our 120# Dull/Matte Cover with 55% post-consumer recycled content.

70# Uncoated Text
We exclusively offer 70# Lustre for stationery, envelopes and newsletters. This ultra-premium uncoated (non-glossy) white stock is guaranteed safe for desktop laser printing. Many common stationery stocks are not optimized for 4-color printing, so we have selected this for best results. Feels thick and substantial in your hands, and is the best uncoated paper stock available for full-color printing.

24# Uncoated and 28# Uncoated
This is a standard stock commonly used for envelopes, also called White Wove. The 28# is thicker and heavier than the 24#. (link)

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