Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Reading Week October '10

I had a plan to visit a few different exhibitions through this reading week so that I was doing something productive and relevant. As well as it being a good way to work on one of my 10 things I want to achieve goals I have set. BUT this didn't exactly go to plan as my manager from work twigged that it was reading week and had me cover a few shifts (and the thought of having an extra £215 from doing them was a good thought at the time), so in the end I didn't get to the exhibitions.

Although, in the time we were off, I did get a tattoo of an illustration from the illustrator Marc Johns. I have posted a post about his work previous. I got it for a number of reasons which I will not broadcast to everyone, but here it is...

(just done)


Here is the original illustration of the tattoo that I got.

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